In support of Greta Thunberg

Several critics aim to discredit Greta Thunberg, who carries an important message to raise awareness of the urgent need to take action towards the conservation of the planet.
Totry to belittle his message, they attack his autism, calling it an illness; autism is not a disease, but a condition, a condition; just like being blind or deaf is a physical condition. Similarly, autism is a mental condition.

Invoking CO 2 emanations related to the realization of his message is nothing but noise to try to cover the message.

You must also know that there are people who live with autism or high-level sprinkling. Their brains are structured, connected and work differently from ours. They are often geniuses in a particular field. Check and you’ll find names like Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg and many others.

When an autist is interested in a field, there is no limit to his commitment. Greta Thunberg has developed a deep interest in the environment. So it’s no surprise that she knows the subject from all angles. She has listened to what science says and she feels a responsibility to communicate what she knows.

A proverb says, “With a well-born soul, the value does not wait for the number of years.” In our own schools there are students who, like Greta, have a much higher potential. Well supported, these children do great things and become a wealth for society. Greta is a child supported – and not manipulated – by those around her, she carries the message that you have to wake up to protect the environment.

In history, there have often been, in various fields, brilliant people who have emerged from the crowd to warn humans of a danger, to draw attention to a direction to take: this is done Greta. She has a message to deliver, let’s listen to it.

Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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