Irish company gets hold of Téo Taxi’s technology team

Téo Taxi's
Téo Taxi’s
MONTREAL – Shortly after Téo Taxi ended its operations at the end of January, the Irish company iCabbi got its hands on the Montreal company’s technology development team, as well as opening up a new office in the city.

Boasting the Téo Taxi app, which was highly rated by its users, iCabbi explained in a press release that its global clientele will now be able to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the Montreal team in terms of user experience, science and technology. data and the integration of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence into fleet management.

According to Gavan Walsh, CEO of iCabbi, this was an “opportunity not to be missed” and Montreal is “the ideal place” to launch the North American expansion of the company.

The Montreal team brings iCabbi’s total membership to 151 people.

The company enjoys a presence across Canada, the United States and Europe.

According to the company, more than 70,000 taxis and transport vehicles use iCabbi’s technologies around the world. Its current platform manages more than 4 million races a week.

“We are extremely pleased that iCabbi recognizes the importance of keeping the team together and keeping these high quality jobs in Montreal. This allows us to continue to contribute to the improvement of a local and international mobile technology ecosystem, “said iCabbi Vice President of Product North America, Yasha Sekhavat.

ICabbi entered into a strategic partnership with the Renault Group in June 2018. The investment allowed iCabbi to expand its product, research and development and customer service teams.

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