Lack of ambulance services: “We are stuck in a spiral of bureaucracy” criticise the paramedics

Manque d’ambulances: «Nous sommes embourbés dans une spirale de bureaucratie» dénoncent les paramédics

The paramedics won’t let go song : there is a lack indeed of ambulances in Quebec, and it is time to act now, “not in the next few months.”

The Association of workers in the prehospital (APTH-CSN) issued Tuesday a press release in reaction to our story on the lack of ambulance services in the capital. A spokesperson for the integrated Centre, university health and social services (CIUSSS) of the Capitale-Nationale stated that the latest additions of hours of time ambulance came, and that it was still too early to measure the effects.

The minister of Health said about it by the way his press officer that she was well aware of the staffing problems that paramedics in some areas, it was necessary to re-evaluate the ways and that meetings with stakeholders in the world of ambulance were planned for the coming months. The minister McCann will be ready to add ambulances in Quebec, but only “after serious study” of the needs.

“The problem is not new in the region, all the additions made over the last few years have only put a band-aid on a hemorrhage”, denounces the president of the APTH, Frédéric Maheux, who has sounded the alarm about the lack of staffing paramedics in Quebec in recent weeks, especially following the death of a lady of 70 years old in the parking lot of the hospital Chauveau on 20 December.

Lisette Deslauriers, who had a pacemaker, had been forced to go to the hospital by his own means because of an alleged shortage of ambulances.

For the union, the sinews of war remains the money, which would stifle the will of the CIUSSS to add ambulances at overload of calls.

The president of the ATPH refutes the assertion of the CIUSSS that the communication Center health capitals (CCC) can, in a situation such as that experienced by Lisette Deslauriers, add vehicles by itself, without going through the CIUSSS. “There is no mechanism in place that allows for the addition of vehicles to the CCC, contrary to what the CIUSSS suggests,” says Frédéric Maheux.

“We are stuck in a spiral of bureaucracy, and, during this time, calls for ambulances that are a priority are waiting”, he laments, lamenting that the CIUSSS and the CCC will return the ball on the responsibility of the additions to the workforce.

“This is the time to move from words to deeds. Additions must be felt on the road in the next few days, and not in the next few months,” insists the president of the APTH.

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