Legault takes the Environment out of the hands of MarieChantal Chassé

Legault enlève l’Environnement des mains de MarieChantal Chassé

Dissatisfied with her appearances in front of the cameras, the prime minister François Legault dismisses the MarieChantal Chassé of his duties as minister of the Environment to entrust them to the member of parliament for deux-Montagnes Benoit Charette.

“It was better for her and for the government that they are giving their responsibilities to someone else,” said Mr. Legault, during a press briefing at the end of the day Tuesday.

The prime minister François Legault justifies its decision by pointing to the inexperience of the media Mrs Hunted. “It is not easy to exchange with the journalists. It is hard, sometimes, they are hard-boiled journalists.”


As for the content, the first minister says “that MarieChantal began to understand their records”, and that it is also “highly appreciated by his colleagues in the ministry”. This is why he has to entrust other responsibilities, less important, to the one who will remain member of parliament for Châteauguay.

If Mr. Legault had “doubts these past few weeks” on the capacity of Mrs Hunted to wear the hat of minister of the Environment, the final decision was made Monday, after the two elected officials had a “good conversation” together, ” he says.

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On Facebook, the ex-minister said from “heads high”, leaving “a clear plan” for his successor, to the Environment. “He will be able to rely on a transfer of power, worthy and open.”

The prime minister performs the “adjustment ” ministerial” less than three months after having formed his council of ministers. He said he is very satisfied with the work of other ministers, Mrs. Chased being the only one to which he was asked to leave.

Mr. Legault argued that, apart from Marguerite Blais, none of the current ministers had already occupied such positions. “I kinda took a chance on 25 people, and I find that my batting average, it is good”.

Parity men-women

Legault enlève l’Environnement des mains de MarieChantal Chassé

The prime minister François Legault announced the appointment of Benoit Charette on Tuesday, as the minister of the Environment. It replaces MarieChantal Chassé, removed from the office of minister.

The canadian Press, Jacques Boissinot

The appointment of Benoit Charette ensures that the council of ministers of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) will now 14 men and 12 women, while it was perfectly joint in October. “The goal of parity, it still remains an important goal. However, it must not be rigid,” says Mr. Legault.

He considers that Mr. Charette has a great political experience and the “best capacity” to play this role. On the 18th of October last, “it is near past” to be appointed minister, ” says Mr. Legault. “This is a man who has a great rigor, who knows the transportation, which will become an important element to reduce GHG emissions.”

“Quebecers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, so it is a very beautiful challenge”, commented Benoit Charette, who was sworn in in private, a few minutes before the press conference.

Mr. Charette is the one that presented last June with the plan “decongestion” of the CAQ for the suburbs of montreal. As minister of the Environment, it intends to adopt the same approach. “A collaborative approach, an approach of collaboration with the municipalities, the business community, experts in the field, the environmental groups”, sets out there.

Mr. Charette reiterated that the project of construction of a third road link between Quebec city and Lévis was not against the environmental vision of his party. “In our perspective to us, there is no contradiction,” he says, pointing out that the third link would also be used to pass a transportation infrastructure in common between the two shores.

The member of parliament for Québec solidaire, a Ruba Ghazal is concerned about this changing of the guard rushed. “At Québec solidaire, we really hope that fighting climate change is not just in the business of communication. This is not only the fact of being a good communicator, which will make Mr. Charette a good minister of the Environment,” she says.



– Benoit Charette age 42

– Elected as member of the Parti québécois (PQ) in 2008

– Left the PQ in 2011 and was elected mna for the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) in 2014

– Graduate in history and public administration

– Before politics, he was manager for various organizations


– MarieChantal Chassé 51 years old

– Elected as member of the CAQ October 1, 2018

– Senior engineer-materials, graduate of Polytechnique

– Business woman, she is the ceo of JMJ Aeronautics

– Author of the book Why my boss is also boring?

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