Liberals will change their badly translated French campaign song

Less than 24 hours after defending his French campaign song, the Liberal team turned around and decided to stop using it.
“We realize […] that French is not perfect. That’s why we will not use this version anymore and will re-record it, “confirmed Pierre-Olivier Herbert, a PLC spokesman, on Monday.

The party called on Canadian band The Strumbellas to use their song “One Hand Up” during the election campaign. It is also the group that translated and sang the song in French.

On Sunday, many Internet users pointed out on social networks that the song – whose title is A Hand High in French – was poorly translated or incomprehensible.

“When your reelection is based on part of the Quebec and francophone vote outside Quebec, it is better to entrust the text to someone who masters this beautiful language,” comedian Salome Corbo chirped.

MPP GaĆ©tan Barrette, meanwhile, said he listened to the song “about fifteen times” and not yet understand all the lyrics.

Under fire, Justin Trudeau’s team praised the English group’s effort to record a song in Canada’s other official language.

Monday, the speech of the PLC had changed.

“Listen, intention, she was good. But hell is paved with good intentions, “joked the Minister of La Francophonie, Melanie Joly, radio interview to Radio-Canada, after the fact.

It was not possible to know who will interpret the new version of the French Liberal campaign song.

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