“Lightning” progression of emerald ash borer in Quebec

The emerald ash borer, this invasive species, “has progressed at a blazing speed, exceptional in 2019,” said councilor Suzanne Verreau Thursday morning. As many as 32 of the 35 neighborhoods in Quebec City are now affected, compared with just 17 last year.
The City, which already had a plan to manage this “invasion”, now intends to increase the pace. It will carry out 1,000 slashings of ash trees by the end of the year, evaluate the possibility of cutting another 1,000, and accelerate its replacement plantations.

“This fight against the borer, we knew in advance that it was lost,” said Ms. Verreault during a press conference. A small green metallic insect less than 1 cm long, the emerald ash borer is native to Asia and was introduced to America in the late 1990s. American ash trees are defenseless and die systematically when infested. . Hundreds of millions have died since its introduction on the continent, and the invader has been detected for the first time in Quebec City in 2017, in the Montcalm district.

In the central neighborhoods of Quebec, the infestation has reached a so-called “epidemic” stage. Curiously, he also reached this stage in Cap-Rouge, a sign that the insect probably arrived in the capital by two different entry points, and at about the same time.

More details to come …

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