Lithium ion batteries: Quebec can become an important player

Quebec has all the ingredients and the right recipe to supply the market with lithium-ion batteries; he misses only the kitchen he must put in place quickly if he does not want to see someone else stuffing himself with his raw materials.
Thisis basically the message launched on the occasion of the unveiling, on Thursday in Montreal, a study by KPMG that shows that the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market represents a unique business opportunity for Quebec.

KPMG’s analysis, commissioned by Propulsion Québec, concludes that the number of electric vehicles sold in 2030 will be between 17 and 26 times greater than today. As for demand, taking into account all existing and planned plants, global requirements will exceed global battery production by up to three times the production capacity, according to the range of forecasts. .

At the same time, a major lithium-ion battery recycling industry will be created not only to protect the environment, but also to create a source of reusable materials for the manufacture of new batteries, and Quebec must lay the groundwork for its manufacture, pleaded President and CEO of Propulsion Quebec, Sarah Houde.

“Battery recycling is not just a major economic opportunity; it is also a major environmental issue that often threatens the credibility of electric vehicles, “she said, adding that promising technologies are already being developed right here in Quebec.

Expected strategy

Recycling “makes it possible to have a real alternative deposit of minerals without assuming the significant costs of extraction and we can then revaluate them, especially in the manufacture of new batteries,” she said.

Minister of the Economy Pierre Fitzgibbon, present at the launch of the study, announced that a Québec strategy for the development of the lithium-ion battery industry is under preparation at Investissement Québec and will be launched this fall.

Quebec is just beginning to mine lithium mines. According to KPMG, a development plan must aim at refining the ore on site to bring it to the quality required for its use in the manufacture of batteries. The same goes for several other components of these batteries, including graphite, cobalt, nickel and iron.

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