“Live from the universe”: there will be a show on Saturday

France Beaudoin is feverish, but relieved: there will be indeed an original broadcast of “Live from the universe” Saturday at 19h on ICI TV. But with who? That remains to be seen. The host confirms without a shadow of a doubt that the team is working on a show to replace the one that was to receive Patrick Bruel in four days.
Thisis the first time that such a tile falls on this show, which begins its 11th season Saturday. But since it was announced that Patrick Bruel would not do the show, encouragement is everywhere, and the host rejoices. “Tell you how many phones we received from everywhere to say, can I do anything? I was really touched. This is due to the friendly brand of the show, “believes France Beaudoin, who says he has never felt pressure from the broadcaster to deliver a show.

The broadcaster and the live team of the universe, however, agreed to present an original program, rather than a cover. Among other things, we had planned to rebroadcast Celine Dion’s. Moreover, it would have been impossible to get ahead of the next week’s show (with Sébastien Delorme), in front of the puzzle of the availability of all the artists who must participate.

It was agreed with Patrick Bruel’s team that it was decided that he should postpone his promotional tour, scheduled this week in Quebec. The artist was also required to participate in TV and True Children’s recordings until he was the target of allegations of sexual misconduct.

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