Malbaie: the project of Le Havre dies in the egg

Residents of La Malbaie have signed massively on Tuesday, against the development of a multifunctional site of $ 6.3 million for citizens and visitors.

The register calling for a referendum collected 1037 names, well above the minimum threshold required of 711. Immediately, the mayor Michel Couturier announced that he put an end to the project, not wanting to further divide its population, reported Tuesday the newspaper Le Charlevoisien.

On Monday, we explained that the project had been criticized for months at City Hall as well as on social networks. Opponents saw it as too ambitious a project, considering the financial capacity of the City, the tax burden and municipal infrastructure needs, as the region “devitalizes itself”.

For his part, the mayor had a lot of hope to catch up with La Malbaie’s tourism development. He feels it is the City’s duty to “take care” of this industry, which is seen as a major economic driver when it becomes difficult to attract large companies.

Le Havre was to open on a site near the Musée de Charlevoix. It was to include a reception building, an outdoor event site and spaces for summer and winter activities such as water games and skating. We also wanted the place to become the new Charlevoix train station, which is currently stopping in the wharf and jetty area, 800 meters further south.

The $ 6.3 million project included financing costs. Of this sum, $ 3 million was borne by the City. The rest came from grant programs.

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