Many questions, many answers and a little love for the regional debate

After four years in power, the Liberals are in the crosshairs of all their opponents. This was the case on Tuesday during the first official regional debate, where the outgoing minister and candidate in the Quebec riding, Jean-Yves Duclos, had to answer the vast majority of questions from his five rivals and spectators.
On quoted Rene Levesque and John F. Kennedy. Speaking of free trade, GDP, climate crisis, supply management, pipeline corrosion, GAFA, ethical trade in Africa, the Occupied Territories, China, Saudi Arabia, Amazon.

We have even heard that trade “is essential for the economy, but also for peace in the world,” said outgoing MP and Conservative candidate in Louis-Saint-Laurent, Gerard Deltell.

Held at Laval University at lunch time, the debate on international trade issues facing Canada was organized by the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies in International Trade and Investment (CEPCI) of the Graduate School of Studies. international organizations.

Under the supervision of the host of a day and columnist emeritus of the Sun Brigitte Breton, the six candidates were very respectful and disciplined, like the 200 or so spectators sitting quietly in the small amphitheater of the Desjardins pavilion.

Love is in the air!

One guessed anyway the camp where lodged certain members of the public. Including a Bloc Québécois delegation to support their debater, Gabriel Ste-Marie, outgoing MP and candidate in Joliette. New Democratic Party, Green Party and People’s Party were also represented on the platform. Of the six participants, four were members of the federal seat at the recent dissolution of the House of Commons a week ago.

So much respect that one would almost have thought of love! But do not be fooled. When Mr. Deltell asked the Liberal representative how he explained the decline of certain economic indicators over the past four years, with figures in support, Mr. Duclos responded with a touch of humor.

“Mr. Deltell, you know that I love you very much! But I also know your ability to limit data and just take the numbers that make your case, “retorted Mr. Duclos, bringing his statistics over four years in favor of his party.

And when Mr. Duclos put Mr. Deltell in the face of the contradictions of the Conservatives’ National Energy Corridor Project, that is, the early corrosion of Alberta’s pipelines that would be caused by the hydro-electric power lines. electricity, the former TV host played it idealistically. “It will be a technological challenge? Well, so much the better! All the Canadian genius will be put to good use! “He replied.

GAFA: not like France

As for the principle of taxing the digital giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA), the root cause of the crisis in print media, MM. Duclos and Deltell agree that the way forward is not the temptation to proceed as quickly as France has just done.

“Canada is a leader in the OECD [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development] and we have a lot to do in coordinated action with other countries. The Secretary General of the OECD told me recently that France is not the example to follow, that moving too quickly, it becomes more difficult for other countries to act properly, “said M Duclos, who chaired alongside Angel Gurria the Forum and the OECD Ministerial Meeting on Social Policies, in May, in Montreal.

It should be noted that the unanswered format of the debate allowed for an orderly flow, but also gave participants the opportunity to evade the issue in whole or in part and to serve their party’s advocacy.

The Chambers of Commerce of Quebec City and Lévis will hold a joint debate on the economy on October 9th.

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