Marist youth denies sexual assault on classmate

An ex-student of the Marist Fathers pleaded guilty to computer luring and having owned and made available photos and videos of two classmates. He admits to having touched the buttocks and thighs of one of the complainants, but maintains that everything was done in a context of flirtation, with the consent of the girl.

Marc-Antoine *, 14, admitted without difficulty having asked for daring photos and a very explicit video to his girlfriend Mélissa *. The boy got what he wanted out of flattery, but without threat. Marc-Antoine also acknowledges showing the video and photos to several friends.

In Marc-Antoine’s phone, the police also found a picture of Juliette * ‘s naked body, one of her good friends, topped by the head of one of the young co-defendants.

Marc-Antoine, however, challenges the charge of sexually assaulting Juliette.

The girl, who was 13 years old as was the accused at the time of the alleged facts, says that the touching started at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. She will also say that the gestures started after she sent pictures of her naked to other boys.

When she took her notebooks in her locker, Marc-Antoine passed behind her and flattered him or hit a buttock, said Juliette. Also, when they were doing team work, the boy was flattering her thigh, even if she was squeezing her hand, she said.

At a movie night at a friend’s house, Marc-Antoine wanted to demonstrate, she says, that she was an “easy” girl. He tried to take her breasts and managed to touch her buttocks.

“I already told him to stop,” says Juliette. This verbal refusal, however, does not appear in any of the statements made by Juliette to the police.

For his part, Marc-Antoine says he was attracted to Juliette, a beautiful girl “who was important to me.”

The two youngsters saw each other every day in class and often on weekends. They were friends until the denunciation to the police, on April 18, 2018, affirm Marc-Antoine and Juliette.

The boy explains that, with his little buttocks and his caresses on the thighs, he wanted to show his affection to Juliet and flirt with her. He had also seen other boys do it, he says. “At first I was embarrassed, nervous. I did not know if she would like that, “says the boy.

But the girl was consenting, assures Marc-Antoine. “After the touch, she smiled, laughed, looked at me and came to talk to me at my house, says Marc-Antoine. I saw that she liked it. ”

The young man realized however that Juliette became more distant when other students could attend the gestures. “I was not doing it on purpose to embarrass her and I stopped when there were other people,” he says. Juliette never said “no” to his actions, assures Marc-Antoine.

The trial is expected to conclude this afternoon.

Of the five youths at the Marist Fathers’ Seminary who were charged, two received a conditional discharge after pleading guilty. A third has pleaded guilty and is waiting to know his sentence. The latter is challenging all charges and will be tried at the end of April.

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