Maxime Bernier will participate in the leaders’ debates

Maxime Bernier will be able to participate in the leaders’ debates.
Thee commissioner David Johnston discussions said Monday it has sent to the head of Canada’s People’s Party (CPP) an invitation to join five other heads during the two debates of the Commission on the leaders’ debates, 7 and 10 October.

It is not known for the moment whether Maxime Bernier will accept the invitation, but he has more than once regretted the fact that he was not invited to participate in the debates.

Mr. Johnston noted that after evaluation, he believes that more than one party-backed candidate has a real chance of being elected.

The Commissioner considered a range of factors, including the number of party members, its funding capacity, surveys, expert analysis and a significant media presence on a variety of national issues.

“In my opinion, the CPP has attracted a significant number of members, is particularly present in the media and the political landscape and, according to recent polls, it has a reasonable opportunity to be successful in more than one constituency. Given all of these factors, the CPP meets two of the three criteria set out in our Order in Council, “said Johnston.

The Commission had already invited the leaders of the Bloc Québécois, the Conservative Party, the Green Party, the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party.

The debate in English will be held on October 7, while the debate in French will be presented on October 10. Both debates will be held at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau.

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