Medical aid in dying: please do not appeal

My message is for our federal and provincial elected officials: Justin Trudeau, David Lametti, Ginette Petitpas-Taylor, François Legault, Danielle McCann and Sonia Lebel.
Thee September 11, 2019 is a great day especially for the “great suffering competent adults reached the end of their life” who have lost all hope of recovery and relief of their suffering. And a dazzling victory won for Mrs. Gladu and Mr. Truchon. Thanks to the judgment of the Honorable Christine Beaudoin, who invalidates the notion of time found in the eligibility criteria of existing laws, they can finally regain serenity and hope for a dignified end of life with medical aid in dying (AMM), if that is their free choice, enlightened and lucid.

With all due respect, I ask you not to go on appeal and proceed to amend the Statutes / Medical Assistance in Dying and C-14 and Q-2 / End-of-Life Care in Accordance with the Unanimous Judgment of the Court Supreme / Carter Stop / February 2015 and the Beaudoin Judgment, without further ado. These suffering and vulnerable people have already waited too long. So many dramas (fasts, violent suicides, one-way trips to Switzerland, etc.) have already taken place in many Quebec and Canadian families; and that, because one of them answering yet the other eligibility criteria could not have access to medical assistance to die calmly and safely.

Please, do not wait until the debates about the applications of people with disabilities or minor or mental health problems have taken place before taking action. These serious issues deserve attention and time because of their particular complexity, while that of the capable is now crystal clear.

Finally, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the Honorable Justice Beaudoin for humanity, compassion and profound respect for the person that emerges from his conclusions.

Thanks to Me Ménard and members of the Commission. Above all, especially, admiration and gratitude to Mrs. Gladu and Mr. Truchon, without whom this great step could not have been taken.

Now, for our governments, the time has come to show infinite compassion and consistency by placing the suffering person at the heart of future decisions and directions. And that, apolitically, severally, humanly ..

Respectful greetings.

PS: The promise made to my son never again have to go abroad to die in dignity, far from his family, relatives and caregivers.

Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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