Alex Harvey wants to reclaim the Plains

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“I would say that this win at home in Quebec City in 2017 is where I experienced the most emotions, even more than when I won the world championship. It was a dream that I was living and I really wanted to do it, “he said in a telephone interview with Le Soleil Monday between two planes at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson Airport. The fact that one of his planes took off late missed a match that prevented him from landing in the capital before midnight on Monday night.

“I can not wait to be in Quebec, it will be really fun . It’s something unique that I’m going to live there. Already it is not really everyone who has the chance to run in his hometown. For example, many skiers are Norwegians, but how many have a race in the city where they were born? I am lucky enough to finish my career at home because I was born here in Quebec City. I consider myself lucky, “he continues, adding that he does not see his next race as a farewell tour.


“It’s hard to plan ahead, but I’m definitely aiming for a top 5 and even a podium. I will try to stay in my bubble to perform well but, at the same time, I will also try to use all these emotions that I will live to help me in my performance. And there is also the local crowd that is important. In 2016 and 2017, the audience was so noisy, it stimulated me a lot. ”

Alex also knows very well the course of the Plains of Abraham for having recorded good results in the past, but he knows that some modifications have been made this year. “It’s a similar journey. The sprint will still be one of the toughest on the circuit, which is less favorable for pure sprinters and very good for distance skiers like me. I can not wait to try the course to see what the changes will be. ”

All the cream of the founders of the planet will also be the party except the Russian Sergei Ustigiov, sick.

“It’s a struggle to finish for the World Cup between the Norwegian Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and the Russian Alexander Bolshunov, only 14 points apart, so they have no choice but to be there. However, I would like that to blur the cards. It’s not true that I’ll leave them all the cake! “He illustrates.

Finish your baccalaureate

Once the curtain falls on this last stage of the World Cup in the career of Alex Harvey, the 30-year-old will quietly make the transition to a life where his sport will not occupy the central place. “As usual, from the end of March to the end of April, I will spend a lot of time with my friends and family, but in May, instead of returning to skiing training, I will focus on my studies . I miss four courses to finish my law degree, “he says.

Harvey will not go bare with this “return to school” because he always kept a place for his university education during his career as a skier.

“I can not wait to be in Quebec, it’s going to be really fun. It’s something unique that I’m going to live there. […] I have the chance to finish my career at home because I was born here in Quebec City. I consider myself lucky »
– Alex Harvey

“I did one or two classes per session. I have always done summer courses at Laval University from May to mid-June. Then I did the fall semester exams and Laval University allowed me to do my final exams in Zurich every year. Not only have my studies always been important to me, but it also allowed me to change my mind, “he explains.

This year, Alex plans to take a course this summer to complete his training with three courses in the fall and then enter the Law School after the holidays. If he thinks more and more about his second career, the skier admits however that he has not yet decided in which area of ​​the law he would like to practice.

“I would say that I went there mostly by elimination. Criminal law and family law are not what interests me the most. On the other hand, yes, I have an interest in business law, “he adds, adding that he does not rule out the possibility of becoming an agent in the field of sport given the experience that he has acquired over the years.

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