Minimum wage at $ 17 or $ 18 an hour?

As part of its convention to be held at the end of the month in Quebec City, the FTQ will be asked to vote on the idea of ​​no longer claiming a minimum wage at $ 15, but at $ 17, or even $ 18 per hour. .
The 1200 conference delegates will have to consider two proposals to this end.

This is the 1 st May 2016, so there are more than three years that the QFL launched this movement in Quebec to raise the minimum wage to $ 15. It is currently $ 12.50 an hour.

Initially, we were talking about reaching this threshold of $ 15 an hour in 2022, then “as soon as possible”.

Since then, although this threshold has not been reached, the movement has indeed had some success, since minimum wage increases have been higher than usual, sometimes reaching 75 cents per hour.

A local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the FTQ Regional Council of Metropolitan Montreal, which submitted the two proposals to FTQ delegates, believe that the “demand for the union center of 600,000 members.

“It will not create layoffs. We need manpower as we speak. So it is a good timing to raise the minimum wage more substantial we did in the past, “argued the President of the QFL Daniel Boyer, during an interview with The Canadian Press , on Monday.

No to “scarecrows”

Traditionally, employers’ associations, particularly in the small and medium-sized business sector and in the retail sector, have opposed the idea of ​​raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour. But in the current context of labor scarcity, many are struggling to find employees with such a salary.

Mr. Boyer rejects the arguments he calls “scarecrows” that an excessive increase in the minimum wage would cause an increase in school dropout and an inflationary surge.

“In the current context of labor shortages, it seems to me that the timing is good to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour as quickly as possible. Then, indeed, there will be debates to be made at the congress. Is our $ 15 an hour campaign still up to date or should we increase this $ 15 an hour? One thing is certain: you have to reach it at $ 15 an hour as quickly as possible, “Boyer said.

Ontario has set its minimum wage to $ 14 an hour on 1 st January 2018 and Alberta at $ 15 per hour on 1 st October 2018.

The proposers

In its explanation for its proposal to delegates, Local 17753 of the Public Service Alliance of Canada stresses that “the minimum wage to get out of poverty is now over $ 15 an hour”. She suggested that the FTQ claim to raise the minimum wage to $ 17 an hour.

As for the FTQ Regional Council of Metropolitan Montreal, he points out that “more and more households with jobs can not get out of poverty and indebtedness” with $ 12.50 an hour. He proposes raising the minimum wage to $ 18 an hour, with annual increases following minimum inflation.

Regional Council added that at least $ 475 million would be needed to increase community mission funding so that they can pay these salaries to their employees.

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