Montreal: arrest of the owner of the dog who killed Chris Vadnais

Montréal: arrestation du propriétaire du chien qui a tué Christiane Vadnais

MONTREAL – the owner of The dog that has bitten to death a resident of the east of Montreal there are two and a half years was arrested a few days ago after having been allegedly involved in an event of road rage in the sector of Longue-Pointe.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) reported that officers responded to the intersection of Notre-Dame Is and Dickson after an alleged victim has filed a complaint for a behavior of road rage on the part of a man.

The complaint led the police to the home of the suspect, Franklin Junior Front-end. He was then arrested on 3 January for possession of prohibited weapons and uttering threats, according to information which The canadian Press has not received confirmation.

He appeared in the criminal Chamber, the next day, at the Palais de justice of Montreal.

In June 2016, Lucifer, the dog of Franklin Junior Front-end, infiltrated the court of the house of Christiane Vadnais, in the neighbourhood of Pointe-aux-Trembles, before the attack. The old lady of 55 years of age has not survived the attack, which provoked a general indignation.

The coroner was poring over this death had been observed in the analysis of the victim’s body from the many lacerations major, some gaping and deep, which corresponded to the teeth of a dog.

Franklin Junior Front-end has some criminal history in his file, but he has not been charged for the death of Ms. Vadnais.

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