More than time to target clients of juvenile prostitution

“It was high time we attack prostitution clients in Sherbrooke. If there is no demand, there will be no pimp to recruit teenage girls and women to fill this demand. ”
Pour Marie-Michele Whitlock of CALACS-Aggression Estrie, arrested in June and setting criminal charges this week of child prostitution customers in Sherbrooke could have a long-term deterrent.

Appearance of six juvenile prostitution clients in Sherbrooke

Six individuals between the ages of 26 and 65 are charged with luring a minor by contacting a person under the age of 18 to facilitate the commission of a criminal sexual offense and have contacted a minor to obtain the sexual services of a minor for a fee.

“We need to tackle prostitution in every possible way. The client who requests sexual services in exchange for money remains the starting point for the pimp who then seeks women to fill the need, “says CALACS-Aggression Estrie.

No exception in Sherbrooke

The latter conducted a comprehensive study in 2017 to paint a portrait of sexual exploitation in Estrie, which concluded that the problem of prostitution “affects far too many teenagers and women in our region”.

Marie-Michèle Whitlock reports that all types of prostitution, including child prostitution, have been present in Sherbrooke for several years.

“Sherbrooke has never been an exception when it comes to juvenile prostitution. Escaping teenage girls exchanging sexual services for male housing, prostitution networks of dancers who end up offering escort services controlled by organized crime, street gangs from Montreal who recruit girls to Sherbrooke or pimps acting on an individual basis like Mathieu Larin with two or three girls in their jobs are all forms of prostitution that are encountered in Sherbrooke, “lists Marie-Michèle Whitlock.

“The law states that it is forbidden to pay in exchange for sexual services. ”
– Marie-Michèle Whitlock

She believes that police authorities should also tackle prostitution in all its forms, not just that of minors.

“The law states that it is forbidden to pay in exchange for sexual services, be it underage persons or adults. Admittedly, teenage prostitution may seem more shocking socially, but the problem is just as important for adults. Prostitution in all its forms must be a priority for the Sherbrooke Police Service, “said CALACS-Agression Estrie.

The Sexual Assault and Assault Center believes that we must also work to educate young boys about equal relationships with women.

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