Murder in Alma: the accused had served two-thirds of his sentence

Jean-Léon Pinette-Hervieux was free like the air since the summer of 2019 because he had served two-thirds of his 36-month sentence. The correctional services of Quebec could do this, his sentence having been completed according to the established rules.
Inspite of Tuesday’s sad events on Champagnat Avenue in Alma, where a 46-year-old family man was stabbed to death, several people wonder about the fact that Pinette-Hervieux, sentenced to 36 months of detention on May 16, 2018, was able to recover his freedom as quickly as in August 2019, 15 months later.

According to the Ministère de la Sécurité publique, the data obtained show that the judge of the Court of Quebec had assessed, at the time of imposing the sentence, that the accused had served the equivalent of 15 months and 26 days in custody. He had to do 20 months and four days in detention.

After spending about 14 more months behind bars, he was released after serving two-thirds of the sentence. In total, he will have spent nearly 29 months in detention.

It should be noted that despite the fact that the 22-year-old was sent to prison for a period of three years, he did not set foot in a penitentiary – sentences of more than 24 months mean that a prisoner finds himself under the yoke of Canadian corrections.

He was instead sent to a Quebec detention center because the remaining sentence for assault causing injuries and assaults that he had to serve was less than two years.

Once two-thirds of his sentence had been completed, Pinette-Hervieux, whose interests were represented by Sébastien Talbot, was therefore entitled to a full release, as is done in all the files of the inmates. And since the entire sentence was three years, he did not have a probationary period in this case.

“We had confirmation that the accused had two-thirds of his sentence in custody and was therefore eligible for release,” says Chantal Dumont of the Parole Board of Quebec.

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