My visit to the emergency room

It was like two days that Charlot told us that he felt tired and had a sore throat. So all we could do was wait and see how things would turn out. But when he woke up from a nap on Sunday, he had his throat in Amazon mode, that is to say on fire and, to tell you the truth, to see his boy crying in pain, it’s is the kind of vision that hurts a parent’s heart.

As we knew it could take forever before we had a doctor’s appointment, we knew what we had to do and, here, needless to say that the prospect of spending the evening in the emergency room The hospital is not necessarily the most tempting game plan.

So hop, after thinking that because of Charlot’s not very worrying state of health, we should definitely wait two or three eternities, I announced by swallowing my last bite of supper: “I I will go there. ”

It’s rather fascinating to see how much attention is paid to the smallest details when you go “waiting for the emergency.” Once you have crossed the barrier, we are already analyzing the number of cars in the parking lot, as if it would give us an idea of ​​the waiting time. Same thing once we have crossed the emergency door, but this time, we try to subtly and quickly count the heads present in the waiting room, then we try to study each patient according to his ” level of gravity “.

After an hour or two quietly observing the other patients, a kind of fatigue begins to be felt and it is very important, at that time, to be able to give back a little courage. So, we take a look at the time and there, we realize that in fact, it does not even 10 minutes we arrived.

Obviously, the sickest patient here is your son, and that’s where you decide to revisit your initial upward estimate. It’s not two or three eternities that you’ll have to wait before you get out of here, but an eternity of eternities.

As you try to imagine how long it can last for an eternity of eternity, a nurse invites you to join her in the sorting room and entering, you start secretly fearing that she will tell you something “Your presence here is an insult to the term emergency. Your son is not sick enough. ”

But no. Even though this nurse is visibly overwhelmed by work, she calmly assesses your child, making sure everything is under control. Meanwhile, you can imagine the funny birds she sometimes has to meet. People in distress for something harmless, the guy angry because he finds it long, the classic case of the old lady who only wants to take care of, etc.

Then, the nurse gets you out of your thoughts by telling you that given your guy’s steady state, we could find him a doctor’s appointment the next day and so, that would save you from waiting for several more hours in the emergency room.


A few hours later, as I walked the streets of Alma, I thought about all those people who did not have the same luck as us and who were still in the emergency room.

Maybe that night, a father learned that his child should stay in the hospital for the night for further testing. Maybe this old lady who seemed exhausted learned very bad news.

If you think about it, it’s still absurd to ask yourself, when you arrive at the emergency room, how long you will have to wait when at the end, the only thing that really matters is whether you will have the chance to leave by the same door as we arrived.

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