Nicole Martin at the “Grands Reportages Personnalites”

BLOG / The documentary “Nicole Martin: Nothing is Impossible” will be broadcast again tonight (Monday) at 8pm on ICI RDI in “Les grands reportages personalities”.

At Everyone speaksOn Sunday, he offered a generous and frank interview without half-answers. The man of Irish origins, who wore his green tie for St. Patrick’s Day, returned to the highlights of his political life, from the free trade agreement to the release of Mandela. About Stephen Harper, he politely says he has been a good manager of Canadian society. “But would I spend Christmas Eve with him? I think no. “” I did not hear well, “he jokes when Dany Turcotte asks him about Donald Trump. If he says he gets along well with the American president, he points out that he loses loyal allies by sticking to his enemies. “The biggest enemy of Donald Trump is Donald Trump,” he says. Mr. Mulroney says he does not blame Lucien Bouchard anymore, but he Suddenly carries on thinking back to this painful episode of his life. “I regret that bitterly,” he admits.

The man, who occasionally plays crooners, is writing his memoirs; it should not be boring. He strongly defended his daughter Caroline, a member of Doug Ford’s government, “the best voice Ontario’s Francophones could ever have,” he claims. “It’s not she who decides,” he notes about Doug Ford’s decision to cut services to francophones, flaying Amanda Simard, who left the government. His only line that lacked class Sunday.

For Jouliks , her second feature, Mariloup Wolfe had to get the confidence of her young star of just seven years, Lilou Roy-Lanouette, by offering him a funny challenge on the set. The trailer announces a film miles away from “Feet in the Blank,” his first feature film of 10 years ago. Mariloup Wolfe, who wants to achieve on the English side, is in favor of parity between men and women in the award of SODEC grants for film production, a necessary step to better “create a pool of creators”. “We do not offer very big budgets to women yet,” she laments.

Catherine Fournier basically repeated what she said everywhere in the last week. She did not want to wait for the States General in September before resigning, because she no longer believes in attempts to renew political training. “The Parti Quebecois has missed the boat so many times for change,” she says. “I’m tired of blaming others for our problems,” says Catherine Fournier about Jean-François Lisée’s book, which attacks the media in particular to explain the defeat of the PQ. The independent member for Marie-Victorin does not know if she will stand in the next election, and recognizes that it could take more than three and a half years to found a new political party.

Many athletes have retired too late. “I did not want to make the same mistake,” says Georges St-Pierre, a young retiree of extreme fighting. “Of course I would have won!” He rages about the fight he would have liked against the Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, who objected to the UFC. St-Pierre will certainly not be bored with battle days, because of the “unbearable” stress that surrounds them. The athlete does not want to lose form, but admits sometimes eating fast food and consuming alcohol, but never drugs. A formidable fighter, Georges St-Pierre does not know if he could be a good coach. In his retirement seminars, conferences and film projects await him, in addition to his life as an entrepreneur in training equipment.

“We have never been able to express themselves so much in the public square,” says the journalist Judith Lussier, author of the essay Can not say anything more – activism in the era of social networks. “We are starting to find out that people can answer us,” she says, rejoicing that those whom she calls the “warriors of social justice” now have interlocutors to respond to their heated reflections on racism, feminism and the issues of sexual identity and gender. Judith Lussier, who wondered about the need to send a troll to jail for his hate speech, said that Fournier had complained after being identified with weapons on Facebook. The author of the publication spent a few months in prison and had to undergo therapy,

Nice interview with the charismatic Idan Raichel, great star of music in Israel, whose work is based on cultural crossbreeding. Noting that Israeli radio only played American and British pop, he invited more than 150 artists to join him in creating a first album, from his parents’ basement; he wanted to hear the voices of the street people, immigrants, who make up today’s Israeli culture. “We help fight racism and we show that it is possible to build bridges between cultures,” believes the artist, also very influenced by Ethiopian music. “Peace is not the opposite of war. The opposite of war is the absence of war. Peace is the desire for borders to open, “said Idan Raichel,

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