Nicole Martin at the “Grands Reportages Personnalites”

BLOG / The documentary “Nicole Martin: Nothing is Impossible” will be broadcast again tonight (Monday) at 8pm on ICI RDI in “Les grands reportages personalities”.

The announcement of her death by her husband at the end of the week upset her many fans and the entire artistic colony. The singer died last month at 69 years of a dizzying disease.

The documentary, produced in 2016, will also be rebroadcast Saturday at 23h on ICI RDI, as well as Monday, March 25 at 21:30 and Thursday, March 28 at 10am on ICI ARTV.

Nicole Martin began her career in the 60s before being offered songs by several great lyricists, including Francis Lai, Pierre L├ętourneau and St├ęphane Venne. Let me go , Once upon a time people were happy and Yes, it seems to be one of his greatest successes.

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