Numerous coroners’ reports: “rigor” to be improved at CISSSO

Once again in the news because of the large number of coroner’s reports on the organization, the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSSO) “must improve” and increase its “rigor” in caregiving, recognizes its President and CEO, Josée Filion.
Thepublication of the report “The hospital of errors” in La Presse on Monday shook the Outaouais health network. Thanks to the compilation of some 900 coroner’s reports, La Presse revealed that of all the institutions in the province, it was within the former Gatineau Health and Social Services Center that there was the most deaths caused by medical accidents over the last two decades.

The law also revealed, in the last two years, that among all the health centers in Quebec, it is the Outaouais that has been most often targeted by recommendations made by a coroner since the beginning of 2016 – whether the deaths occurred in a health facility or elsewhere.

“The findings of La Presse’s journalistic investigation , as well as the various coroner’s reports published in recent months targeting the Outaouais CISSS, appeal to me and shake me up,” responded Ms. Filion on Tuesday. […] Is everything perfect? No need to put your head in the sand, it is obvious that one must improve. Quality is the responsibility of everyone. ”

To explain the many reports of coroners who landed on his desk, the CEO spoke of “an angle of lack of controls”, as well as a possible lack of “consequences”. “People are not all deviant in their practices,” she said.

The patron saint of the CISSSO invited all the organization’s senior executives to attend the press conference. “Like me, they have a responsibility to the quality of care and services offered in Outaouais,” she said.

The CISSSO says it has “given itself the means to improve the quality of care and services”. “Each department has goals, and these will be evaluated, said M me Filion. […] The population of the Outaouais expects and has the right to quality care and services, and it is our responsibility to respond to them. ”

“We must continually seek to improve our practices and our ways of doing things,” she said. The rigor and the respect of these are put in every gesture that we pose daily, and this by all the employees. ”

After awarding a contract of $ 91,000 last June for the services of a medical governance expert, the CISSSO wants to find another specialist, this time to obtain “a new eye, a critical eye” in order to support it. in its efforts to improve quality.

While affirming the importance of improving services, the CISSSO must combine the efforts it devotes to this objective with another reality, the budget one. “We must, as a responsible organization, to have a balanced budget,” said M me Filion, who claims to have adequate financial resources “to meet the needs of the population.” She therefore considers that “the budget is not a factor” that can explain the many reports of coroners with recommendations to the CISSSO published in recent years.

While the unions have long lamented the lack of staff and the resulting workload, Josée Filion believes that this can not be an excuse to justify a lower quality of care. “A professional has the obligation to provide proper care and services, according to the rules of art,” she insisted.

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