Ocean group repatriates Techsol Marine

Groupe Océan rapatrie Techsol Marine

EXCLUSIVE / In business, there are prey and predators. Ocean group is today part of the second category with the acquisition of Techsol Marine. A quebec company which had been sold to foreign interests in 2011.

It is therefore a return to sources for the company and its 65 employees in the Parc Technologique du Québec Métropolitain. The management announced the news to employees on Tuesday. The amount of the transaction has not been unveiled.

For Ocean Group, Techsol Marine is not an unknown. He is a business partner important for a long time.

The specialist electrotechnology marine, which makes its bread and butter in the design, manufacture and installation of various automated systems used for the control and monitoring of machinery used on different ships around the world, such as ferries, tugs and supply boats, was one of its suppliers of services.

Today, Techsol Marine will act as the new business division for Ocean Group. The management does not plan to relocate the head office or to do a household within the workforce.

The former director-general of the sector of maritime works and dredging at Ocean Group, François Lessard, will, however, now the chair of the boss.

“With the addition of this company, we just increase our service capacity, and we continue our plan for growth”, ahead of the Sun the director of corporate and public affairs at Ocean, Philippe Filion. “The objective is to catapult the development of Techsol by the company of the network of the Ocean Group. It wants to that it remains a society in itself with its services, and its clients,” he continued.

And don’t try to obtain turnover of the new kid. Motus and mouth shut, because the Ocean Group is a private entity.

“What I can tell you, is that during the announcement to the employees, they were very happy to know that the company became a property in quebec. The direction should relate in Holland”, note-t-il.

A bit of history

Let’s refresh our memory : was founded in the basement of a residence of Beauport in 1996, Techsol Marine was spent in the bosom of the Dutch company Imtech (now called HR Marine Group) in 2011. It consisted of 105 workers.

For information, one can read in texts of the period between 2004 and 2012, its turnover was increased from 2 to $34 million.

In recent years, Techsol has carried out several important contracts abroad, among other things, on the side of China. Between 2009 and 2017, the company installed in the Middle Empire automation systems and propulsion on the 91 ships.

“Since its inception, Techsol has equipped more than 400 ships around the world,” said Mr. Filion. “They have completed projects in the United States, in the gulf of Mexico and also in Vietnam”, he adds

Its playground also covers Canada. The company is working on projects with various governments, but also with players in the private sector.

Ocean group, which has 950 employees, brews business in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta and more recently in the Caribbean sun.

Its main areas of activity are construction and ship repair, towing, port and transport, as well as the rental of equipment marine and specialty dredging.

Recently, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and Fonds de solidarité FTQ have invested $ 112 million in the Ocean Group in order to enable him to move at high speeds V.

A part of these greenbacks was used primarily to finance the purchase of Techsol Marine. And the shops are perhaps not yet ended.

“It was an acquisition logic to accelerate our growth plan,” said Mr. Filion. “What we’re looking at yet? We have owners who are very on the lookout for opportunities. We have always grown by acquisition. It’s in our DNA”, he continues, recalling that the management has in its carton a plan of international growth.

In recent months, the company has, among other things, intensified its presence in the Caribbean. Last spring, she signed a 10-year contract with the Port of Kingston, Jamaica, to ensure that the towing services.

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