OPTILAB reform: the CAQ changes its speech

If the CAQ clearly and firmly opposed the OPTILAB reform when it was in the opposition, its speech is today much more nuanced: there are regions where the centralization of the laboratories “makes sense”, and of others where the reflection must continue, says one in the cabinet of the Minister of Health, Danielle McCann.

Tuesday we learned through the Alliance of Professional and Technical Personnel of Health and Social Services (APTS) that the Ministry of Health had made the decision to invest in the construction of two new laboratories in Brossard and Quebec. Boisbriand.

In a statement, APTS President Carolle Dubé laments that these two new investments “in the concrete” are “at the expense of sound management focused on efficiency and human capital.” “It is difficult to solve the whole question of the management of laboratories that cover several regions and we add on the job by announcing new construction,” she laments.

According to her, medical technologists “have been confronted with the fait accompli with these two announcements [made by the CISSS internally] and all the inconveniences this implies for them”. “The lack of transparency was the norm under the Liberal rule and, unfortunately, this new decision is part of this sad line,” denounces Carolle Dubé.

The news is all the more surprising since the CAQ had already called for a moratorium on OPTILAB in the past, and that François Legault himself had clearly spoken out against this reform during the last election campaign, particularly because of the transfer of jobs, reminds the president of the APTS.

If the Legault government still said recently to the Sun to be “still thinking” about its intentions on OPTILAB, the APTS fears that its decision to proceed with the continuation of the reform be taken, despite the petition of 20 000 signatures and the proper denunciation of the municipal world.

“What good is it to change government, will all these people say, if it is to end up with the same decisions that have already been unanimously against them? Are we really going to replay in the same film? “Asks Carolle Dubé, according to which the regions” will pay a heavy price to this reform. ”

According to the press secretary of the Minister of Health, Alexandre Lahaie, in certain regions, as in the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Laval, the OPTILAB reform “makes sense”.

“There is a logic to continue the deployment of OPTILAB in certain regions, while there are issues in other regions that deserve” perhaps to be taken into consideration, explains the press officer of Minister Danielle McCann.

According to him, the Legault government aims to make its decisions under a “populational” approach. “We’re not ready to say we’re going to wall-to-wall everywhere. We are not dogmatic. If that does not make sense, you have to think about other options, says Alexandre Lahaie.

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