“Our life”: Season 3 arrives in French

BLOG / Many of you wondered when HERE ARTV was going to broadcast the third season of “Our life”, French version of the popular American series “This Is Us”. Well, put an “X” on your calendar on Saturday, June 8, at 10pm.

In this third season, Kate, Kevin and Randall arrive at their 38th birthday. The first is now married and plans to have a child with Toby; Kevin wants to travel to Vietnam with Zoe, where his father fought in the army; and Randall embarks on a new career.

Season 3 is scheduled to end on April 2 at NBC, while ICI Radio-Canada Télé is currently broadcasting Season 2 on Saturday at 9 pm. A fourth season is now a formality in the United States, and producers even mentioned last month that the series could end after six seasons.

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