Parcel delivery: the situation is improving, according to the management at Canada Post

Livraison des colis: la situation s'améliore, selon la direction de Postes Canada

OTTAWA — WITH the approach of Christmas, the management of Canada Post argues that progress has been made in the delivery of the packages, an operation that has recently been disturbed by holding rotating strikes.

She argues that these advances are not at all foreign to the fact that its employees treat less packets than expected a few days from the beginning of the Holiday season.

This is true for packages coming from Canada, but also for those who come from abroad.

Recently, while walkouts and sporadic were taking place across the country, the management of the company had asked its international partners to temporarily stop sending packets to the Canada.

Shipments from abroad were allowed to return on the 27th of November last in the wake of the adoption by the federal government of a special act put an end to those means of pressure.

In a press release issued by Canada Post, it is possible to read that “the international volumes [package] entering the country are clearly less significant than expected”.

By focusing on this factor as well as on the time required for the parcel arrive to Canada again, the labor force of the State company was able to record some progress this week.

However, the usual security to the plan of timely delivery of the packets have not been back in place for the time being.

At the present time, the Canada Post employees are offered the opportunity to perform overtime work for the State-owned company could resume its cruising speed as soon as possible.

In addition, nearly 4,000 seasonal workers were hired and almost 200 vehicles have been added to the fleet delivery.

Earlier this week, Ottawa asked the mediator Elizabeth MacPherson to try to reach an agreement with the negotiators for Canada Post and the workers ‘ Union of postal workers, an organization comprising approximately 50 000 members.

Last Wednesday, the two sides held a first meeting with Ms. MacPherson, who has already presided over the canada industrial relations Board.

This last attempt must be made to encourage them to conclude an agreement by the 17 December.

If necessary, this deadline could be pushed back a week.

If the impasse continues, Elizabeth MacPherson will be able to initiate a process of binding arbitration from the month of January. The canadian Press

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