Parents complain about the priest who banned Harry Potter

A Tennessee priest who banned Harry Potter books from a Catholic school library has been accused by parents of youth of causing them spiritual and psychological harm.
Alocal newspaper, The Tennessean, received a letter signed in 2017 from 14 parents at St. Edward Catholic School, asking the Diocese of Nashville to replace Father Dan Reehil.

The letter, which lists 50 arguments, treats Father Reehil as a toxic narcissist who hates Pope Francis and sees himself as a “soldier of God”. The letter recalls that: “Our school, however, welcomes children and not soldiers.”

A spokesman for the diocese, Rick Musacchio, said Father Reehil’s positions, like those of the more liberal retired pastor he replaced, both have their place in the Church.

Father Reehil did not respond to the daily’s interview requests. In an email, he explained that he had removed JK Rowling’s books because they contained “real curses and curses”.

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