Patrice Michaud, ferryman of the next Festival in Petite-Vallée

Patrice Michaud, passeur du prochain Festival de Petite-Vallée

MATANE — Patrice Michaud will sponsor the 37th Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée, as an artist agent. As a nod to his song “Mechanical general”, the event will be held under the theme “Oh! My beautiful friend”. Always eclectic, the programming will propose some 35 performances that will be presented from 27 June to 6 July on the long tip of the gaspé town.

“It is a tremendous privilege for me to be appointed ferryman of the Festival, 10 years battery after my time there, told the Sun male performer of the year at the last two galas, the ADISQ. I am strongly committed to this event, its organization and the population of this corner. We know each other well. It’s actually a second family. Very excited to be there!” In 2009, the author-composer-performer from Cap-Chat, in the Haute-Gaspésie, was mounted on the stages of the Festival for the first time as a chansonneur (participant’s notes).

In addition to Michaud, who will perform with his Majestic, Marc Hervieux will interpret the most beautiful songs of his repertoire in the context of a classic series. A former student of Patrice Michaud at the Camp in song, Jerome 50, will present his songs “malbuzzantes and not achalées”. The complete program will be revealed in march.

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