Patrick Bruel targeted by a preliminary investigation for exhibition and sexual harassment

The French singer Patrick Bruel is subject to a preliminary investigation for “sexual exhibition” and “sexual harassment” after accusations of an employee of a hotel in Corsica he contests, told AFP the prosecutor of the Republic of Ajaccio, Eric Bouillard.
The eventsoccurred on August 9, when the singer performed in concert in Ajaccio, southwest of the French island, and was staying at the Radisson Blu hotel in Porticcio, said the prosecutor, confirming information from the daily Le Parisien.

The Ajaccio public prosecutor, seized of the facts on August 13, said that the 21-year-old masseuse did not wish to lodge a complaint, but simply “reported facts and inappropriate behavior” of the singer.

According to Mr. Bouillard, Patrick Bruel met the young woman at her place of work a few hours before her concert, and those around her would have ordered a massage service from the hotel.

“The young masseuse reports that when she arrives in Patrick Bruel’s box, the door is locked and the light dimmed. As she begins the massage, the singer also refuses to follow the protocol in this area, including putting on clothes, and will therefore remain naked, “said Mr. Bouillard. The singer according to the prosecutor acknowledges these facts, “however stating that when he puts on the back he covers himself with a towel.”

“The young woman also indicates that Mr. Bruel will have requests for very special massages in certain areas. There, the singer denies the facts reported by the young woman, “explains the prosecutor.

Since August 13, the floor of Ajaccio has already conducted many hearings in the entourage of the young woman. “His relatives describe his amazement and his awareness of the abnormal nature of these facts. In his entourage, it confirms its credibility and the fact that it was marked by these facts, “said the prosecutor.

For his part, according to Mr. Bouillard, the young masseuse said it had “a lot of trouble to return to work and exercise it normally”.

Patrick Bruel was heard Sunday night.

Quoted in the Parisian, the singer gives his version of the facts: “We were an hour before my concert, in my box, accessible to all. My team, my collaborators, my children were nearby and used to enter my lodge at any time. I did not have the slightest intention or gesture to this woman. ”

In Corsica, hearings should also continue in the coming days.

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