Patrick Roy determined to surprise

Knowing that the Remparts will not be favorites against the Halifax Mooseheads, head coach Patrick Roy is determined to cause a surprise in the first-round series that begins Friday.

“We go there to surprise. We are not the favorites, at least, I do not think so, “analyzed Roy after training his family on Tuesday morning at the Pavillon de la jeunesse. “On the other hand, we have believed since the beginning of the season and we have seen in the past teams who were largely favorites not to win the series. This is an example for us this year, “he added.

Even though the Remparts finished the season with 67 points, 35 less than the Mooseheads, the Red Devils won their two games against the Maritime representatives this year, with the score of 6 to 2 in October and 4 to 3 in January.

“No, we do not make a fuss with the fact that we beat them twice, nor would we make a fuss if they had beaten us twice,” says Roy, who does not believe no More than the fact that the Mooseheads are the host team for the next Memorial Cup will be a factor.

“I do not dare to believe that it can be a factor. I’m sure that, even if their place in the Memorial Cup is assured, they do not want to be beaten by the Remparts! ”

“We have seen in the past teams that were largely favorites not to win the series. This is an example for us this year »
– Head Coach Patrick Roy

The head coach was busy working on “the last details” with his protégés before flying to Nova Scotia. “I watched Halifax play in the last few days and there are things we will want to do against them. Fortunately, it’s not really complicated as a system.

“Right now, we’re more nervous than anything else, but on Friday, we’ll have to be ready. It will be necessary to execute well, especially in defensive zone. It will be necessary to go to the net and it will also be necessary for the special teams to work well, “continues Roy, who sees good in the fact that the Remparts begin the series at Scotiabank Center. “It’s good news to start on the road, because the pressure will be on them.”


For Roy, the example of the veterans will also be an important factor and several have clearly demonstrated Tuesday that they intended to put their weight in the balance. This is the case of Andrew Coxhead and Philipp Kurashev, the two best scorers of the team this year. In three seasons with the Red Devils, both have never won a single end-of-season series.

“Yes, we had a few difficult years. Nevertheless, we arrive in the best time of the year and the goal is not only to win a series, but to go as far as possible. Of course we must start by winning this series. Halifax is a very skillful team, but we do not care, we will play as we should play. If you want to win, you have to play as a team. You have to use everyone’s strengths and help each other, “said Kurashev, the last to leave the rink after training.

As for Coxhead, the series has a special character for him, who is a native of Bedford, a suburb of Halifax. “I’m very excited, it’s really nice to play against the team from my hometown. I lived about 30 minutes from Halifax. All my family and friends will be at the games, “said the one who also expects strong opposition. “It will be a good one! The Mooseheads have a good team and you have to work hard every game to win. Of course it’s flat not to have won a single round so far, so there is some pressure on us because of that too, “said the 18-year-old striker.

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