Paul Crete would make sovereignty an election promise

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Former Bloc Quebecois MP Paul Crête believes that the pro-independence party “who will go to the next election” must “absolutely” make the commitment to achieve sovereignty “in the mandate it gets from the people”.

M . Crête shared its vision of the future of the independence movement in an interview with the Sun , a few days after the publication of an “action plan” by the Parti Québécois (PQ) National Executive Board, setting out avenues to explore for its reconstruction.

Ensuring reform of the voting system – to move to a proportional mode – is also one of the conditions for a new victory for the sovereignist movement, “because that is the best way to allow the expression of all trends within the sovereignist movement, “he says. A way to bring together the separatist forces instead of dividing them.

“If we adopt a proportional electoral system, the frustrations of the separatist parties to oppose each other will be much less present, because with a proportional one everyone will be able to express his opinions, will have some number of MPs accordingly, “says Crête. This rally will eventually become the separatist government, he adds.

With young people

The person who represented the riding of Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup on the federal scene thinks that independence, which he does not believe dead, requires reflection in order to challenge all generations, especially young people.

They need to have the taste to participate in the process and that everything takes place in an understandable framework, he says, referring in particular to the approach that had undertaken Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon, a few years ago, to renew the PQ and that never succeeded. “We must take advantage of this experience to ensure that what we will put forward will allow all ideas to express themselves whether it is on the Quebec project that we want independent or that it is on what kind of position we will take, “continues Mr. Crête.

An expertise

Without risking to say whether the PQ was still the best vehicle to achieve independence for Quebec, Paul Crête is content to say that “the Parti Quebecois has expertise in this. It has had successes and failures, now it is a reflection and I hope that this reflection leads to a renewed independence party that will make a proposal to Quebecers to which they can join quickly enough.

On 1 st October marked, he said, the end of the electoral wave PQ and think you have to learn from this “big fly” with great modesty.

Catherine Fournier

Like Catherine Fournier, the one who finishes a term of riding president in Jean-Lesage and who intends to continue to fight for independence, declares that “we must leave the culture of the Messiah” judging that the solution to the problems of the PQ lies in a collective position.

Let us not forget that the member for Marie-Victorin left the PQ with a roar last week saying that “by losing, the Parti Québécois has become a loser”. She has since sat as an independent member of the National Assembly and wants to “breathe new life” into the sovereignist movement without creating a new party.

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