Public Registry of Sex Offenders: “Quiet Radio” by the Caquistes

Caquist deputies were waited Sunday in front of the parliament, while about fifty people gathered there to demand a public registry of sex offenders in Quebec.
“Is Sylvain Lévesque here? M me Genevieve Guilbault perhaps? François Paradis? We are surprised, our invitations have had no news, said the victim’s lawyer Marc Bellemarre, in a tone obviously sarcastic. Sex offenders are seen in the media every day. Except that we can not remember all that. The register is to be able, in one place, to have all the data. “

Last year, six Caquiste candidates (four of whom were elected) were present at a similar event, they had proclaimed loud and clear that they pledged to publish a registry of pedophiles in Quebec. Since the elections, it is “radio silence”.

“I find it disturbing that I’m not told what’s going on. I do not want it to be postponed. They were all there last year! It pisses me a little heart, but I keep hope, “said Sophie Dupont, visibly moved. M me Dupont manifesto for such a register for 15 years after a family member was the victim of aggression.

Even if the Coalition avenir Quà © bec ensures that the file is still in the plans, Ms. Dupont is worried, she would like more concrete statements. She believes that the government could keep her abreast of developments in the file. She also knows that there are many other topics on the table for MPs in the coming year, but the registry does not seem to be part of it.

To avoid the worst

In addition to M e Bellemare and M me Dupont, others involved in this battle have addressed the demonstrators, including Michel Surprenant, the father of Julie Surprenant disappeared in November 1999 in Terrebonne. The neighbor of the family house Surprenant was the number one suspect in the case, which remains unresolved today.

“If the registry had existed 20 years ago, if I had been warned, I would have moved and Julie’s disappearance would not have happened. The registry must be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It should at least be accessible by all police forces in Quebec. ”

To access the existing federal registry, police officers must apply to the Sûreté du Québec officers. Mr Bellemarre also regrets that since a register already exists, it seems simple to revise it so that it can be made public.

“It can be the same as in Alberta, on the Public Safety website. It’s still managed by the government, it’s them who decide what information is accessible, “adds Ms. Dupont.

She insists that this registry could prevent several assaults and save the lives of many children.

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