QS activist denounces “unhealthy dynamics” in debates

MATANE – In a text published on his Facebook page, the co-spokesperson of Quebec Solidaire in Rimouski denounces “an unhealthy dynamic in the debates” of the party, specifying express himself in a personal capacity. Julien Fecteau Robertson speaks of “an accusing and aggressive attitude, a lack of nuance, a dishonesty in the interpretation of the comments of others and a cavalier way to deny the legitimacy of the adverse position [.. .]. “

“I was able to witness many exchanges that degenerated because of different approaches in communication and that created polarizations and annoyances that hurt the party,” reads his post. Many of these exchanges took place on social networks, especially in secret discussion groups [yes, we have], but I saw a similar dynamic during the debates and it worries me seriously. ”

In the debate on secularism, Mr. Fecteau Robertson is in favor of the Bouchard-Taylor report, option A. He adds, however, that he is ready to recognize those who defend Option B, those who do not want a ban. “The problem is when some people presuppose that, because we are for option A, we have a xenophobic attitude,” he laments in an interview with the Sun. They suggest or imply that we do not have our place in the party or they amalgamate between our positions and those of the opponents. It’s not something that happens all the time, but it happens often enough that it deserves to be named. ”

In his opinion, this attitude observed among some radical militants prevents those who are more moderate from being able to express themselves. Moreover, he believes that “the comrades who have this kind of behavior are often from the island of Montreal”. He gives as an example the subject of Autoroute 20 in Rimouski. While the Rimouski association was in favor of the extension, Montreal associations were against it. “It would have been easy for me to tell them they did not know regional realities,” says Fecteau Robertson. I did not do it.”

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