Ramparts: Lesson Learned

If the Halifax Mooseheads admitted to feeling pressure on the eve of the third game, it is now based on the Quebec Remparts just hours of the fourth game of the series 4 of 7 between the two teams, Thursday (19h) at the Videotron Center? Not really, according to Patrick Roy.

A day after the Remparts’ 3-1 defeat leading the series 2-1, the head coach was still of the opinion that his team had played well enough to win. He preferred to approach the next game in a positive and negative way and rejected the idea that a weight had been added to the shoulders of his players.

“I’m going to take an expression that I often say to my chums:” I did not go to school long, but I’m able to understand that if they lose a match, they will face elimination which is not the case for us “. So as long as it’s like that, the pressure is on them, “he said of the Mooseheads.

“Listen, Eric Veilleux is a smart guy. I know he has to watch the games as I do, and [Tuesday] if we had shot quality, probably the result would have been different, “he added in the same vein, Wednesday morning, meeting day and gym activation for his players.

Roy felt his players had the best chance to score and dominated the game five-on-five, especially in the third period, and spoke more with his men about the approach to adopt, Thursday, that the pace of the series. He recalled that the participation of everyone was necessary, as he has already experienced in the past

“I brought back Paul DiPietro’s story when [the Canadiens] played against the Nordiques in 1993. He was not even supposed to play, but he had scored six or seven goals. Everyone’s role is different, but everyone can contribute. We need someone who is hot at the right time, who can make a difference, “he noted.

Kutkevicius shines

Since the beginning of the series, the veteran Luke Kutkevicius has done his part. He scored two goals in three games, and he would have three if it was not determined later that Philipp Kurashev was the net winner in overtime in the second game.

“He’s our best player right now. It skates, overflows, it’s dangerous in all facets, “admitted Roy.

“It does not bother me at all that we have awarded the goal to Phil, what matters is that we won this game … We all believe that we deserved the victory, Tuesday. Before our defeat, we won four straight games against them, we know we can compete with Halifax, “said number 18.

The Ontarian never went through the first round in two playoffs in the OHL with Hamilton and Windsor. He knows how to be negligent and ensures he has nothing to lose, while recognizing that the next game was important.

“We’re always ahead, and if we win, it would be 3-1 for us, so we will not let go. We want them to think about the Memorial Cup and not the next game, “added Kutkevicius.

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