Ramparts / Mooseheads: Asselin suspended

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HALIFAX – The top scorer in the QMJHL will watch Game 2 of the Quebec City-Halifax Bridge Series on Saturday night. Mooseheads center Samuel Asselin was suspended for one game following Friday’s tackle from behind in the Remparts victory.

With the absence of Benoît-Olivier Groulx, returned to Gatineau to treat a mononucleosis, the Remparts face Mooseheads 1-0 in the round of four of seven and deprived of their two best players in Asselin and Groulx.

Mooseheads head coach Éric Veilleux declined to comment on the penalty for a league match at number 72 for Thomas Caron’s attack on Friday night at the Scotiabank Center. In the second half, in the corner of the rink with the puck, Caron was facing the ramp, a short distance away, and finished first.

Asselin, 20, is not recognized for his rough game, but rather for his 48 goals in the regular season, a summit. At the time, he received a major penalty of five minutes and was expelled from the meeting.

“Our strength is the depth of our alignment, especially in the center: Groulx, Asselin, [Keith] Getson. [Antoine] Morand plays on the wing because I really do not think that one of those players is a center of the fourth line. We usually put Morand on the wing, but there are still two out of four, “still detailed Veilleux, met Saturday morning at the arena, just after hearing the bad news.

“[Joel] Bishop is able to play in center, [Brock] Mcleod is a very good center player. It’s not something that bothers me. I will coach the game like the one on Friday, “said the experienced pilot, whose first two lines will be rotated by Getson and Morand.

“More fear than harm”

Also crossed at the arena Saturday morning, and later in the elevator of the hotel, Caron said for his part had “more fear than harm.” Despite long moments before getting up, the winger did not suffer headaches thereafter and will be at the station Saturday for match number 2.

Caron had a physically busy evening on Friday. Before conceding the blow Asselin, he had fought with Jared McIsaac, in the first period, following a hard check on his part. Only a knee pain seemed to remain from this big day at work, but nothing to stop him from playing, he confirmed.

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