Restaurants Canada calls for the sale of alcohol for off-site consumption

A Canadian restaurant association is asking provincial governments to allow all restaurants and bars to sell or deliver alcohol to their customers.
Restaurants Canada argued that licensed food service establishments were generally barred from selling alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption, while the retail alcohol sector is expanding across the country.

The association discusses the rise of food delivery applications, such as Foodora, which can deliver alcohol to consumers, and highlights the fact that allowing restaurants to make such sales would equalize the odds for these competitors. other.

It would also help craft breweries gain access to larger markets if, for example, a bar can fill and sell jugs filled with cask beers.

Restaurants and bars in some areas are allowed to sell alcohol for off-site consumption, but the association wants a consistent rule across Canada.

Restaurants Canada launched the call in a report released Tuesday that ranks each province’s alcohol policies for bars and restaurants.

Alberta received the highest score with a B, while New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador were relegated to last place with D-. Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island received a grade of B-, while Ontario received a C-.

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