Rhinoceros Party: a “Metallikea Bridge” and a second Maxime Bernier

“The third link, all the experts say, it will not solve the problem of traffic in Quebec! That’s why we’ll be planning the fourth, fifth and sixth links right away! The sixth link is going to be the Metallikea bridge! ”
In the humorous and irreverent tone he has known for over 50 years, the Rhinoceros Party unveiled Tuesday program, projects, song and even his candidate in the riding of Beauce, a certain … Maxime Bernier! The name of the outgoing MP and leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier will face each other and adopts an unequivocal slogan: “Take a chance, vote for both!”

As for the measures specific to the Quebec City region, chef S├ębastien CoRhino is spreading his wacky plan to overcome the long wait for drivers stuck in traffic jams.

“Since there are often cost overruns when we make a bridge with federal money, we will buy an IKEA kit, which will arrive in boxes. We are sure we have no cost overruns! “He said.

“We put a budget of $ 4 billion, a normal budget for a federal bridge. Since everything is cheaper at IKEA, you save 10%. That’s $ 400 million of lube, the cost of a Videotron Center! In the middle of the bridge, we’re going to put a big roundabout, with a Videotron Center in the middle, and we’ll have live Metallica concerts in the middle of the Metallikea bridge! ”

The Rhinoceros Party promises mandatory vasectomy for all men 16 years and older as an environmental measure to make “Canada a world leader in the fight against climate change.”

Chief CoRhino presents himself in the riding of Quebec against Liberal Minister Jean-Yves Duclos. In honor of which the Rhinoceros Party has even composed a song and sings: “Jean-Yves Duclos, you’re in the closet!”

In a nutshell, Rhinoceros promise, among other things, to shorten winter by also limiting the months of December and January to 28 days, to bring back the magnetic pole in Canada, to open tax havens in all provinces, to provide a new name and a new date of birth to victims of identity theft and force automakers to put more green cars on the market. Forest green, pale green, khaki green and neon green.

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