Right to abortion: a still fragile victory

Thirty years after the nine justices of the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favor of Chantale Daigle who, in the summer of 1989, wished to have abortion despite an injunction from the Quebec Superior Court forbidding her To do so, there is still work to fully recognize the fundamental and unconditional right of women to freely dispose of their bodies.
Therecent resurgence of the debate on abortion in the ranks of the Conservative Party of Canada, as well as the absurd assertions of Maxime Bernier, who is willing to restrict the right of women to have an abortion at the end of pregnancy, are undeniable proof of this. We must therefore remain vigilant throughout the current election campaign, while anti-choice groups do not hesitate, at present, to publicly appear alongside Conservative candidates.

The dangers of the conservative right

It is not new to see this controversy resurface in the run-up to federal elections. A few months before the 2008 election, a member of Parliament from Edmonton tabled Private Bill C-484, which sought to recognize a crime committed against a pregnant woman as a double offense, which opened the way for the recognition of rights in Canada. fetus. Fortunately, this bill died on the order paper at the dissolution of parliament in September 2008. But this type of pernicious bill and these punctuated and recurring jolts remind us that, whenever the conservative right approaches power or seize it, the rights of women are threatened. The difficulties that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has in answering whether, yes or no,

This trend is particularly true in the United States. Since the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House, there has been a growing number of anti-abortion bills in Republican states like Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama, where the religious right is particularly active in influencing population.

Even on the cultural level, there are disturbing excesses, as evidenced by the release last July, the controversial film Unplanned , produced and directed by Christian American groups. This film, which presents abortion as an act of cruelty, underlies that the rights of the fetus must take precedence over those of the woman who wears it. This is another strategy for spreading the anti-choice position, but this time through fiction.

Commemoration evening on September 19th

Although the right to abortion is generally accepted in Quebec, the fact remains that there are still problems of accessibility to exercise this right everywhere in the territory. In such a context, it is important to remember the victory of Chantale Daigle and to continue the struggle to defend the respect of our most fundamental rights, including that of being able to dispose of our body freely and in all circumstances, independently of the political situation.

The right to abortion embodies a deep respect for the harrowing choices that women sometimes have to make.

An evening of commemoration is also organized by the Quebec Federation for Planned Parenthood on Thursday, September 19 at the Lion d’Or in Montreal, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Chantale Daigle’s victory for the respect of reproductive rights . This event, which will be held one month before the federal election, will also be an exercise in pedagogy for our fellow citizens, especially the youngest, to remind us that no state, pope, judge, doctor or spouse should have control over women’s bodies!

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