Sainte-Foy: just missed by the collapse of a roof

Two lodgers were narrowly spared by the collapse of the roof of a house in Sainte-Foy, Thursday afternoon.

By midday, one of the bunkhouse roomers, located at 2540 Desandrouins Street, heard a loud popping sound, then saw debris, including a beam, fall into the house. He immediately alerted the other lodger and they evacuated the residence.

“Fortunately, there is no major debris that fell on these people, said Bill Noonan, spokesman for the Fire Protection Service of Quebec City. They were able to go outside. ”

The two lodgers were lucky not to have been injured, especially by the beam, says Noonan.

The two men were already outside the house when the fire department arrived.

The roof has collapsed from one end of the house to the other. It was snowy, but it is unknown for now if this is the cause of the collapse. Bill Noonan reminds citizens to clear their roofs and clear the emergency exits. He also advises them to watch for signs of collapse such as cracks, crackles, or doors that are suddenly difficult to open or close.

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