Saved from a forced marriage in Victoriaville: “My family wants to hit me”

Victoriaville – Police and Youth Protection Branch (DPJ) have rescued a teenage girl from a forced marriage organized by an imam in Victoriaville this summer. When the girl ran away from home, she found refuge with a family of refugees in the area, which provoked a clash in the community. His protectors have confided to La Presse. Story of a rescue.
Theteenager broke into the Al – Atrash family ‘s apartment without knocking. People were chasing him. She seemed terrified, out of breath. She needed a place to hide. Right now.

“My family wants to hit me, my family wants to hit me,” she repeated. Residents of the place wanted to calm her, offer her a glass of water. They could not understand why she broke into their home. But they could see that she had left in an emergency, without even taking the time to put on her shoes.

Then the front door opened again. Six people broke into the modest housing following the girl. His mother, his brothers, his fiancé in his twenties, and two of his friends. They seemed furious, enraged, aggressive.

Read the full text on the La Presse website

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