Scheer would revive tax credits for sporty kids

A Conservative government under Andrew Scheer is resurrecting targeted tax credits for children’s sports and music activities, a move that began under Stephen Harper.
TheConservative leader promised Monday morning in Kelowna, BC, to reduce these tax credits, which he said made life more affordable for families.

He is therefore committed to introducing a refundable tax credit of $ 1,000 per year for sports activities for children, $ 500 more if the child has a disability. There would also be a $ 500 tax credit for arts or learning activities.

Last week, Mr. Scheer promised to bring back a tax credit for the use of public transit.

The Liberal government has abolished many of these targeted measures, preferring to replace them with a tax cut for the less fortunate and a child allowance. This allocation, the Conservatives promise they would keep it if they took power.

As to how they can pay for that while balancing the budget in five years, Mr. Scheer promised to provide all his numbers soon.

In addition, asked to comment on the fact that many of his candidates have been denounced by the Liberals for past comments, hostile to immigrants, the LGBTQ community or the right of women to abortion, Mr. Scheer chose to take it from Papineau’s candidate.

He said that Justin Trudeau has such a troubled past that he would not have passed the filter to become a Conservative candidate.

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