Scott Richmond goes with the Capitals

After Dustin Molleken, the Capitals of Quebec got their hands on a second former major league pitcher on Tuesday by announcing the signing of Scott Richmond, who wore the Toronto Blue Jays uniform from 2008 to 2012.

“I had been talking with him for many years. He has always been one of the leaders in Canada’s national team and, at 6-foot-5, he’s a big man who has always thrown a ton of sleeves, “said manager Patrick Scalabrini about the big right-handed 39-year-old who wore the colors of an Italian team last season after two seasons spent in Taiwan.

With the addition of Richmond and taking into account that James McOwen will not start the season at the same time as everyone else, the Caps now have five veterans in their lineup while the limit is four. The former San Diego Padres and Houston Astros fielder Luis Durango is the veteran with the most uncertain status for the moment as Molleken, Richmond, Karl GĂ©linas and outfielder Tyson Gillies are all expected to be in Quebec City for the beginning of the training camp in May.

From Italy to Quebec

Richmond has said that the Sun can not wait to settle in Quebec City with his family for the summer season. “My wife and daughters will be coming to Quebec City when the school year is over in June,” said the Vancouver native who currently resides in Arizona. “Fortunately, my wife has already done a French immersion internship. For cons, me, I must admit that my French is not very good. But it’s not a big deal: I’m happy to be back in Canada, and in the last three seasons I’ve been to places where English is not the first language. ”

With the Nettuno team last year, he was one of the best pitchers in the Italian Baseball League. “I would compare the caliber there to something between the A strong and the AA. The pitchers are clearly better than the batters in this league. In Taiwan, on the other hand, there are only four teams. You see the same hitters quite often, which is not very good for throwers! It’s more like a league of batters, the ball bounces a lot on the sticks! “He analyzes. Still, in his first season in Taiwan with the New York Taipei City Rhinos EDA, Richmond won a championship.

National team

Returning to Canada, Richmond wants to get closer to the national team as he would like to represent Canada at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and the 2021 World Classics, having already worn the colors of the national team at 2009 and 2017 World Classics and 2011 and 2015 Pan American Games.

He also admits to sharing his knowledge with other baseball players. “I like giving back to young Canadians, showing them that a major league player does not come from another planet, he’s a guy like them and so they too can aim for that goal,” he continues. -he. However, Richmond would probably not go so far as coaching minor leagues and then climbing the ladder one by one to the majors.

“That, you see, I do not know if I would try to be a coach in affiliate baseball. There is no stability in this and I would not want to be unemployed at 45! It’s a little worrying to consider that when you have kids like me. You know, I never really had stability in my career, I never had a two-year contract and there was always the risk of injury. But I intend not to burn any bridges. We will see the opportunities that will arise. ”

With the Capitals, Richmond is expecting a bigger challenge than last year in Italy. In fact, he will not be in his first match in Quebec since he had faced the Caps in 2015 in the Wichita Wingnuts uniform. He had then shown an average of 1.79 in ten starts. “I played the Capitals and the Ottawa Champions. This is a good caliber of play with some senior majors and several guys who have played in the highest levels of affiliate baseball. I also know some players in the league who played with the Canadian team, “he concludes.

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