Singles Day: discounts also in Quebec

The “Singles Day”, considered the biggest global sales operation in China, is beginning to appear in Quebec. The online sales company Altitude Sports has sniffed the bargain by offering a special discount day to its customers.
Cured in 2009 by Alibaba and other Chinese e-commerce groups in China, “Singles Day”, dubbed this way because of the repeat of the number one on November 11, is a marketing event that is making a splash in China.

In North America, this charm operation with singles and other consumers is not yet firmly entrenched. Quebec-based Altitude Sports, 65% of which is sold outside Quebec, has learned of this tradition from Asian-Canadian customers.

After testing this commercial offer with its biggest buyers at its two sites, Altitude Sports and La Dernière Chasse, the two owners of the online sales company, Maxime Dubois and Alexandre Guimond have decided this year to offer this special day. discounts to all of their customers.

“In the hour following the mailing of the newsletter to our customers we saw a jump in sales. It’s been three years since we saw it coming and this year, we decided to go ahead with all of our customers, “explained Mr. Dubois.

Towards a tradition?

According to Mr. Dubois, the “Singles Day” is not just a promotional operation. “In China, this day is really seen as the moment when we make a gift to a single person or to oneself,” he insisted. “It’s because we had a request, we embarked,” he continued. He still recognizes that his company constantly seeks to stand out from the competition by surprising its customers.

Could singles day nest on the American continent? “Completely,” thinks Mr. Dubois on the condition that it is part of a social tradition. “What kind of day is always associated with a party, such as Boxing Day after Christmas and Black Friday for Thanksgiving ,” he says.

This year, in 68 seconds, the Chinese spent $ 1.32 billion on hundreds of products on sale. This frenzy exceeds even in value Black Friday in the United States.

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