Six years closes for the sexagenarian “spouse” of a little girl

Carol Pelletier, 61, does not yet understand that it was a crime to have taken as a “blonde” a girl aged between 9 and 12 years. He will have six years of penitentiary to think about it.

P elletier, a Lotbinière man, pleaded guilty to repeated acts of sexual assault, from touching to penetration, on a small neighbor, Noemie *.

The sexagenarian entered the child’s life as a friend and provider and, over time, became a spouse.

The relation between the man and the child took place in the sight and knowledge of the mother. A police investigation is also open concerning the lady.

The DYP also knew certain elements of the situation, because it had obtained a contact ban between Pelletier and Noémie in 2017.

The police were not notified until spring 2018, when Noémie’s younger sister filmed Pelletier touching the crotch of her eldest. Carol Pelletier unpacked her bag and told the relationship in detail.

Five months after pleading guilty, Carol Pelletier badly admits the adequacy of his actions, because, in his eyes, the relationship was mutual. “A child between the ages of 9 and 12, a consensual relationship, his spouse, enumerates Judge Mario Tremblay of the Court of Quebec, in an icy tone. Say it without laughing! ”

“He ruined his life”

Noémie gave little detail to the investigators at the time of Pelletier’s arrest in April 2018. The girl was very attached to Pelletier and upset by the breakup.

A few months later, Noémie agreed to complete a statement about the consequences that the crime had on her, a document whose contents are confidential. Judge Mario Tremblay has read the document. “These are very disturbing things you can read,” he says briefly. He ruined his life. ”

Crown Attorney Mélanie Dufour and Defense Counsel Nancy Quirion suggested a six-year prison term. This sentence, say the lawyers, takes into account the breach of trust committed by Pelletier and the seriousness of the actions taken, but also because he himself was a victim in childhood and has cognitive limitations. The six-year suggestion was accepted by Justice Tremblay, who, with a snap of his hand, sent Pelletier to the detention box.

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