Sylvie Frechette appreciates that conservatives let candidates express themselves

Conservative candidate Sylvie Fréchette may not be comfortable with all the candidates in her party, but she appreciates it being open to everyone and allowing everyone to express themselves.
Mardi, the former Olympian made her first public appearance in her riding of Rivière-du-Nord in the Laurentians. She was accompanied by Alain Rayes, Chief’s Lieutenant Andrew Scheer for Quebec.

M me Fréchette was asked whether she was comfortable to defend the same political banner that Conservative candidate openly anti-abortion and others who put their head in embarrassment these days, which Ontarian Ghada Melek, who has made homophobic and Islamophobic statements in the past.

M me Fréchette said he was “comfortable to sit in a party that is not hypocritical.”

Regarding the anti-abortion candidate, she replied that “we each have our values ​​and we must learn to work together and live together” for the good of Canada.

Abortion is permitted by law and that is what prevails, ruled Tuesday M me Fréchette.

Apologies from candidates

As for the candidates who expressed Islamophobic and homophobic statements, the leader Andrew Scheer has already wanted to close the chapter by saying that they apologized and took their responsibilities.

“I’m not comfortable with all the candidates. There is not a party that is perfect. But I’m comfortable with a party, for example, that will allow people to express themselves. If people have different opinions, they have right to express them, “argued M me Fréchette.

Canadians know that mistakes can be made in life and that thoughts change too, added Mr. Rayes.

In his riding of Rivière-du-Nord, which includes the cities of Saint-Jérôme and Prévost, people approach him mainly because of the cost of living. They are having trouble making ends meet , according to Fréchette, who says she is proud to work for a party that will develop tax measures and tax cuts to help people.

A former high-level athlete, she also praised the tax credit for sports and children’s arts that her leader announced the day before. Mr. Scheer is resurrecting a credit that was introduced by his predecessor Stephen Harper in 2011, but abolished by the Liberals.

“It’s important to have healthy kids,” she says.

Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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