Taxis: CAQ puts an end to traditional licenses and territories

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Minister of Transport Fran—Āois Bonnardel liberalizes the taxi industry by ending car quotas in a given territory.

Bill 17 tabled on Wednesday provides that there will no longer be a traditional taxi license or territory in Quebec. Minister Bonnardel speaks of a “revolution” for an industry that has not been thoroughly reformed in 40 years.

If he insists that he “protects” the taxi drivers within his bill and puts “money in their pockets”, Mr. Bonnardel indicates that the voluminous 275-item bill is aimed primarily at to give the choice to the customers.

In addition to replacing the current law on taxis, Bill 17 puts an end to the various pilot projects of passenger transport (Uber, Eva, etc.), so that all players can compete on a level playing field.

While taxi drivers will now have far fewer constraints and bureaucracy to deal with, rules remain to ensure that drivers have a minimum of training and use inspected automobiles.

The bill provides for transition measures, so that everything is effective in June 2020.

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