The “adulescent” Tanguy on the boards

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To say of an “adulescent” that he is a Tanguy, everybody understands the allusion which is nothing of a compliment. More than fifteen years after the release of the popular film, the expression has entered the mores to describe an offspring of old age sticking to the family home. After the big screen, the turn of the Quebec scene to make his cabbage fat of this sociological phenomenon that persists.

“It’s become commonplace today to see 30-year-olds still at home because they have not finished school,” says Marie-Chantal Perron, who plays the role originally played by Sabine Azema. Normand D’Amour, her husband on stage, picks up the character defended by Andr√© Dussollier in √Čtienne Chatiliez’s feature film.

Christophe Payeur, in the role of the carefree Tanguy, and France Castel, the grandmother, complete the distribution of the play, in the Albert-Rousseau hall on March 27 and 28, one month before the release of the rest of the film, called Tanguy: the return .

Marie-Chantal Perron believes that the unhealthy dynamics between Tanguy and his parents helps to not encourage him to leave soon. “The parents are tanned, but it’s never said to their son, never a word about the game . They want him to leave, but they do not want to put him out. They want to be so cool, they are afraid of being bad parents, especially she who feels more guilty. Somehow, they encourage him to stay. They wash him, give him money. It’s a double language. ”

Father of two, Normand D’Amour did not have to deal with a Tanguy under a roof. He thanks the sky. “When my guy turned 18, I told him he had three years left. At 21, I kicked him out and today he thanks me. It forced him to put his shoulder to the wheel of his own life, a helping hand to deal with his problems. If he had stayed home a few more years, I think I would have flipped over. ”

Already presented in Montreal last fall, the play attracted many spectators who saw the film. Some even come with their son, a Tanguy sometimes. “People are asked in the room (if that’s the case). Nobody dares to say it … “laughs Normand D’Amour.

The neighbors at the theater

The two actors find it regrettable that the series Tomorrow of the men , where they formed a couple, does not know immediately, after a single season. “It’s a pity and sad that it stops. It’s a decision that nobody understands. I would be riding there, “says Normand D’Amour, who played a junior hockey coach who was dedicated to his profession.

For her part, Marie-Chantal Perron, who sees the curtain fall on Unit 9 and her character from the IPL Madeleine Tessier, will come back on stage in the fall for the play of Neighbors , by Claude Meunier and Louis Saia, who celebrates 40 years of creation. It takes over the role originally played by Murielle Dutil, alongside Guy Jodoin, Pierre-Luc Funk, Jean-Michel Anctil, Brigitte Lafleur, Remi-Pierre Paquin, Marilyn Bourke and Catherine Brunet.

“I’m going to be Madame Mayonnaise. “So it tastes good mayonnaise. We can not say what it tastes … “she says, taking up a memorable replica of her character.

The actress also has a comic book project that is simmering on fire for the fall, designed in collaboration with Tammy Verge and writer Kim Nunes. “It’s a beautiful story of friendship between two women, inspired by my relationship with my boyfriend’s daughter. But I prefer not to say too much … “

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