“The arrival of Amazon will brew everyone”

“The arrival of Amazon in Quebec will brew everyone. It confirms that e-commerce is real. I say it for years. ”
Martin Ball, president of Wiptec, a Sherbrooke-based order-picking company, sees the good news of the upcoming opening of a Quebec shipping center for the Amazon online retailer.

He hopes the advent of the online trading giant will make the retail industry react. “Amazon is our competitor and our best friend at the same time,” says the businessman in an interview with La Tribune.

“We prepare orders for Amazon every day. ”

Last week, we learned that the first shipping center of Amazon in Quebec will be located in the Lachine borough, in Montreal. Future facilities will be operational in time for the holiday shopping period next year.

“It’s not fair in Ontario and the United States that it’s happening. It’s in Quebec too. ”
– Martin Ball

The investment is expected to create more than 300 jobs. The staff of this new center will collect, package and ship items to customers. Amazon Canada wants to better serve its Quebec customers.

“What it tells me is that some people need to turn on right now so they do not miss the e-commerce TGV,” says Ball. It’s not fair in Ontario and the United States that it’s happening. It’s in Quebec too. That’s why Amazon comes here. ”

“If retailers who are not yet in e-commerce do not realize it with that, I do not know what it will take. E-commerce does not hurt the retail business, but it changes it. Sports Experts is a good example. The chain is modernizing its stores and is very active in e-commerce. ”

Wiptec ships orders to superstores like Walmart, Cotsco or Canadian Tire, as well as online orders from individuals for various banners like David’s Tea.

Remember that the company has also decided to build a new order preparation center in the Montreal area. “We will be in Longueuil and Amazon will be in Lachine,” he said.

“At least we will not be in the same pool of labor. ”

The current period is one of great excitement, Ball adds. We are preparing for the high season of internet sales crazy Friday in the facilities of Wiptec. “It’s November 29! He recalls.

“We are in it. We must prepare and adapt our operations. It is also necessary to recruit temporary staff. It’s a big challenge. We need 60 to 65 people. They are often retirees and students. “

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