The body invented by Bernard Package

Les corps inventés de Bernard Paquet

The small formats of Bernard Package give the impression of seeing the images that would catch it in a camera inside a body invented and incandescent. Combining the yellow ochres and the red on the canvas, the painter is presenting its subject, at the option of explorations of painting textures varied, the Gallery of visual arts.

The exhibition is titled The factory of the body, a tribute to the first real treaty of morphology human, De humani corporis fabrica libri septem (On the fabric of human body in seven books), published by Andreas Vesalius in 1543.

Trained in biology before making its beaux-arts in Paris, Bernard Paquet has been deeply marked by a course on human physiognomy, where he learned everything that underlies the epidermis to be able to better draw the body.

He is interested in “broken faces”, these people disfigured during the First world War. “I had done a series of characters with the willingness to repair the faces, with component pictorial and technology, like cyborgs.” To avoid the Terminator, he instead turned to the idea of the body flayed alive, and to avoid the gore, it has adopted a palette of colors that are not realistic and bright.

“I imagined a future of human in which we could interchange parts of the body at will, and color, where they would be figures of the aesthetic, without gender”, he says in front of the only large format of the exhibition, where a horde of flayed ones with hoses that come into contact, in a melee without animosity, but vaguely disturbing.

The 43 smaller formats, the majority of which is laid in a grid pattern, are suggestive of striated muscles, organs, nervous system, blood cells…

Two books in accordion, purchased in China and designed in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in ink and watercolor, resemble leaflets of anatomical fantasy. “I put a good dose of humor with mechanical elements, such as pipes, tools and screws,” notes the artist.

Until December 16, at 295, boulevard Charest est, Quebec

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