The collapse of a street creates a huge pothole in Gatineau

A portion of Maricourt Street located near Gatineau’s Moussette Beach is in the process of subsiding.
Ahuge pothole has appeared over the last few days on this residential street in the Val-T├ętreau district. He quickly caught the eye of 11-year-old Antoine Filion, who was visiting his grandmother on Saturday. It was on this occasion that he took the initiative to go crouching inside the pothole.

Once the fun was over and the moment immortalized, his parents contacted 3-1-1 to report the problem. “We contacted the City of Gatineau on Saturday, and as early as Sunday, workers have gone to secure the place,” says Catherine Feeny, the boy’s mother. The city had to react quickly because it was really dangerous. The street recedes as soon as you approach the hole. It’s a pretty happening place. A lot of people go there on foot or by bike to get to the park. ”

Questioned about this, the communications department explained to the law that the municipal services have noted a subsidence of the road that was caused by water infiltration. “Tests will be done this week to determine where the water leak that caused this subsidence came from,” said City spokeswoman Bianca Paquette. This may be caused by a leak in the water system. You have to determine if that’s right, and where that leak is. ”

The street is not closed to traffic. The City will be able to specify the extent of the work to be carried out once the infiltration of water has been located.

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